Pepe Token is a unique and innovative cryptocurrency that brings a touch of whimsy to the world of blockchain.

Inspired by the iconic internet meme 'Pepe the Frog,' Pepe Token combines humor with the power of decentralized finance.

Meet $PEPE

Pepe Token represents a digital collectible, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade these quirky tokens in a secure and transparent manner. The creators behind Pepe Token have crafted a community-driven project, fostering a sense of camaraderie among crypto enthusiasts and meme lovers alike. Embrace the spirit of the internet in the decentralized realm with Pepe Token, where laughter and innovation converge in the exciting landscape of cryptocurrency."


Download PHANTOM Extension

Download and install phantom on the appstore, or, alternatively if you're on desktop download and install the browser extension.

Secure your SOL

Now all you've got to do is buy your SOL in the PHANTOM APP, or, alternatively you can use an exchange and deposit using your wallet address.

Buy some $PEPE

Now go to Raydium and paste the $PEPE Contract Address to swap your SOL.

Add to Your Wallet

Now you're all set! Welcome aboard the next rocket to the moon, just import the contract address to view you're holdings and you can track your earnings.


$PEPE utilizes a RENOUNCED contract to ensure security for investors, 1 SOL starting LP as well as NO taxes to make it whale friendly!

Contract Address


Total Supply




Ownership Renounced

Liquidity Burned

$PEPE Roadmap

Phase 1: Conceptualization and Planning

Define Token Purpose and Use Case.

Research and Compliance.

Tokenomics and Whitepaper.

Assemble Team.

Phase 2: Technical Development and Prototyping

Smart Contract Development.

Prototyping and Testing.

Security and Auditing.

Token Wallet Integration.

Phase 3: Deployment and Distribution

Mainnet Launch.

Exchange Listings.

Community Engagement.

Marketing and Partnerships.

Phase 4: Maintenance and Development

Bug Fixes and Upgrades.

Community Support.

Enhancements and Expansions.

Governance and Decentralization.